Design for Manufacture

Design for Manufacture

Integrating design and technology for complex engineering solutions

If you have a design for a great new product, perhaps using aerospace composites, but haven’t yet worked out how to get it over the finish line, then you’ll want to get together with our design and production engineering experts who’ll advise how best to manufacture it, using our knowledge of aerospace composites to stretch the possibilities.

Our engineers will come up with the optimal design for cost effective and repeatable serial production and guide you through a process that might include tolerancing, laminate construction and supply chain selection.

You are the design authority here but you have us beside you at every step of the way.

Radome Design and Manufacture

We have a proud history of aircraft modification and Special Mission installations.

Our design and manufacture of Special Mission Radomes is complementary by modification activities for sub-sonic fixed wing aircraft.

Our capabilities can also be offered to a much broader range of radome and antenna applications, either on Radar, Electronic Warfare or Communications including:

  • Naval applications for surface ships and submarines
  • Military Vehicle or Rail applications
  • Ground based installations

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