Design and Qualification

Design and Qualification

Our real expertise is in helping our customers convert concept into reality.

It starts with a set of requirements that our expert design engineers turn into a cost effective, workable solution, whether it’s for a highly complex one-off component or a longer-term project, by generating an in-depth technical requirement statement (TRS) or a statement of work (SOW).

That then leads to a bespoke process that might include a detailed design, structural stress analysis and sub-system design followed by a lifecycle for developing the product.

We support at every step of the way with structural testing and verification, providing certificates and declarations of design performance, so we can all be confident that what we’re doing is fully meeting customer expectations.

We also identify what we are going to use in the manufacturing process, by undertaking supply chain identification and qualification.

That’s where dealing with a design authority really comes into its own - you have a seamless end-to-end relationship that results in a product that meets your unique specifications, whatever they might be.

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