Services Overview

When we say end-to-end and tailored to the specific needs of individual customers, we mean exactly that, so if you just need a bespoke, one-off, then that’s what you’ll get: designed, prototyped, tested, manufactured and certified.

Our skilled and experienced people work in close collaboration and consultation with you to understand your unique composite manufacturing challenges and offer expert advice, based on decades of industry experience in defence composites.

There’s build-to-print and design-to-build solutions, all implemented to ensure you get the quality product your application requires.

Complexity and challenge are what we thrive on and we come into our own where others say it can’t be done, or that it’s always been done in a particular way. This helps us apply our expert engineering capabilities to a broad range of scenarios. That's what makes us one of the leading composite suppliers.

Our many years of expertise have helped us tailor our advanced composite manufacturing techniques to create anything from a bespoke designed one-off item to a line of customer-design products, using the latest composite materials.

We support both civil and military aerospace with a broad range of engineering solutions designed to maximise and enhance the capabilities of the platform, whether they be new build, upgrades or major modification.

Working to fit the brief

Flexibility is our watchword. By that we mean that what we do is governed by what you need, not by our processes or how we want to do it. It’s all about fitting our process into the results our customers are looking for. We work closely at every step of the way to understand what you need, whether it’s Design and Qualification, Design for Manufacture, or Build to Print.