Marine Composites

Naval Defence Mechanisms

Naval Defence Mechanisms

Marshall’s investment in advanced composites has enabled us to focus on the development of durable and robust naval structures. Our team’s wealth of knowledge and experience makes us equipped to deliver the best composite material to make our customers’ mission possible in the most extreme of environments, considering both current and future naval missions.

Producing advanced composites to meet operational requirements is what sets us apart. Our extensive experience in the design and manufacture of large complex composites allows us to deliver many solutions to your programmes.

Gun shields for defenders

Our glass fibre vacuum-infused sandwich structures are cured at elevated temperatures in one of our large walk-in ovens. The low signature design incorporates stealth radar-absorbing materials and provides protection from wave slap, shock, hail and ice impact in addition to the pressures experienced during the operation of a gun. The composite gun shield not only provides significant weight saving over its metallic equivalent, but also has impressive resistance to impact and the effects of saltwater.

Marshall Slingsby Advanced Composites Marine Composites Naval Defence Mechanisms Mk8 Mod 1 Type 45 Gun shield

Mk8 Mod 1 Type 45 Gun shield

Surface Ship Launch Tubes

For surface ship launch tubes, we provide a lightweight and corrosion-resistant solution ready to withstand both the harsh environment in which they are deployed and the launch pressure experienced when firing. With the surface ship launch tubes, the filament-wound main body structure incorporates longitudinal stiffeners and metallic inserts to provide a completely integrated structural solution ready for final system assembly.

Marshall Slingsby Advanced Composites Marine Composites Naval Defence Mechanisms Surface Ship Launch Tubes

Torpedo Launcher Tubes

Naval Decoy Systems

A Surface Ship can come under attack from multiple threats and enemy missiles, therefore requiring comprehensive protection, even when all power has been lost on board.

The answer is an Anti-Missile floating decoy system, which is a crucial enemy distraction and confusion solution that provides that essential layer of defence.

Through our range of composite processing techniques, we manufacture the decoy launcher tube structures that deploys crucial decoy equipment.

Over the past 10 years, we have successfully delivered and maintained Decoy Systems to the Royal Navy, US Navy and other international customers helping to protect our armed forces.

Marshall Slingsby Advanced Composites Marine Composites Naval Defence Mechanisms Naval Decoy Systems

Naval Decoy System

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