C-130 Cockpit Trim Panels

C-130 Cockpit Trim Panels

Lockheed Martin needed their trim panels to be as lightweight and strong as possible, also to be produced in varying sections and sizes and fitted together like a jigsaw and ready to install directly onto the aircraft.

They have complex contours and are manufactured in a honeycomb structure. They are fabricated from fire retardant phenolic glass fibre prepreg and have a Nomex sandwich core.

The trim is supplied in kits of either 14 or 18 panels in various sizes, depending on aircraft variant, as the centre console can be fitted as either a single structure or as five smaller panels, some of which are fitted with lights, speakers, wiring looms and clips.

Manufacture comprises several complex stages from producing multiple layers of prepreg materials placed through a mould tool, vacuum bagging and curing in an autoclave, to being trimmed, prepared and painted in readiness for final electrical assembly.

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