Naval Structures

Naval Structures

Marshall’s investment in advanced composites has enabled us to focus on the development of durable and robust naval structures. Our team’s wealth of knowledge and experience makes us equipped to deliver the best composite material to make your mission possible in the most extreme of environments.

The material of choice for naval components

Structures for submarine and surface ship applications need to be durable and robust, able to last extended periods of time in a saltwater environment whilst being as difficult as possible to detect on enemy sonar or radar. Our expertise in maritime composite materials enables us to help you deliver products required for current and future naval missions.

Composite experience delivering solutions

Producing advanced composites to meet operational requirements is what sets us apart. Our extensive experience in the design and manufacture of large complex composites allows us to deliver many solutions to your programmes.

Included in this are the:

Astute Class Submarine Structures
For subsea applications the material that we provide is suitable in extreme operational environments meaning they are corrosion resistant giving increased durability and reduced through-life cost. Our composite materials are lightweight, strong and damage tolerant and we make sure that the material is suitable for the integration of low acoustic signatures or radar cross-section technologies.

Mk8 Mod 1 Type 45 Gun shield
Our glass fibre vacuum-infused sandwich structures are cured at elevated temperatures in one of our large walk-in ovens. The low signature design incorporates stealth radar-absorbing materials and provides protection from wave slap, shock, hail and ice impact in addition to the pressures experienced during the operation of a gun.

Surface Ship Launch Tubes
For surface ship launch tubes, we provide a lightweight and corrosion-resistant solution ready to withstand both the harsh environment in which they are deployed and the launch pressure experienced when firing.

Advanced composites meeting operational requirements

Working collaboratively and innovatively, our team of experts have delivered many composite components to meet the operational requirements of marine and naval customers.

Producing a number of composite structures for the Royal Navy’s Astute class submarines, our products have included rudders, hydroplanes, ducts, sonar housings and periscope fairings.

The composite Mk8 Mod 1 Type 45 Destroyer gun shield not only provides significant weight saving over its metallic equivalent, but also has impressive resistance to impact and the effects of saltwater.

With the surface ship launch tubes, the filament-wound main body structure incorporates longitudinal stiffeners and metallic inserts to provide a completely integrated structural solution ready for final system assembly.

Due to our investment into composite facilities, this has enabled us to increase efficiency and availability of our materials allowing us to deliver on our commitments and giving you increased confidence in mission programmes. The breadth in capability from our facilities enables us to combine the different product life cycle stages into a single programme, completely managed by our expert team. This, coupled with our flexible approach and extensive IPR makes us a market leader in the composite arena.