National Composites Week 2020

National Composites Week 2020

Two things make our composites business cutting edge and world-leading – firstly the way our people think outside of the box, and secondly how we integrate a range of processes to implement their ideas in order to solve seemingly insurmountable challenges.

In summary our Advanced Composites business is far greater than the sum of its parts.

None of our processes is unique in and of itself, and there will be another business somewhere that is doing the same thing in which it may even be a specialist. But what that business is not likely to have is another, totally different process, which it can use in conjunction to create a totally bespoke solution.

We specialise in those really difficult, challenging and seemingly impossible solutions for customers who demand and expect the very best.

We are well aware that the vast majority of what we produce will have to prove itself in situations where there are no second chances.

This is why we’re constantly innovating and challenging our people to look at unique ways to bring our customers the products they need.

Helping us to keep ahead of the curve is a team from Sharing in Growth, (SIG) who are supporting every aspect of our business.

They are investing £900,000 to help us increase our global competitiveness.

The Regional Growth Fund grant is helping to fund further improvements in our manufacturing processes, including three of our key customer production lines, as well as other key disciplines across the business.

With SIG we are one of only 60 UK businesses to receive a share of £250m aimed at raising the capability of UK aerospace suppliers, to enable them to share in the growth of aerospace and other global markets and in turn create job opportunities.

The SIG scheme provides concentrated training and development programmes tailored to the assessed needs of its beneficiary companies and targeted at world class standards of performance in a number of areas, including lean operations, manufacturing processes, purchasing, cost modelling and leadership.

We have a number of key military projects spanning three to five years, including the building of missile launch tubes, C-130J aircraft cockpit panels and propeller duct and rudder assembly for the Astute class submarine.

To evidence the progress that our Advanced Composites business is making we’ve recently been named Aerospace Company of the Year in the Corporate Live Wire North England Prestige Awards 2020.