Manufacturing Capabilities

Manufacturing Capabilities

We have invested in our facilities that ensure we can offer the flexibility of services and products that meet a myriad of needs, using a broad range of materials and manufacturing techniques.

Composites Production Capabilities

We deliver tailored composite solutions to meet our customers’ specific requirement, however bespoke, complex or challenging. From composite design, prototyping, manufacture and in-service support to test and certification, we do it all, end-to-end, start to finish. There are few companies in our industry that have the breadth of capabilities to compare with Marshall. Each of our processes is industry-standard, but it’s how we integrate them that is industry-leading.

Manufacturing Plant and Equipment

Additive Manufacture 3D Printer Fortus 450MC with carbon capability
Assembly Complex IPC620 / mechanical assembly*
Bonding (Heat cured & room temperature)
MK D1500 Electrical Test Unit
Autoclaves Autoclave 1 2.1m Diameter x 15.2m Long. 2000C and 7 Bar Max
Autoclave 2 2.5m Diameter x 4.2m Long. 2000C and 7 Bar Max
Autoclave 3 750mm Diameter x 700mm. 2000C and 8 Bar Max
Clean Rooms Clean Room (2 off) ISO 14644-1:2015 ISO Class 8
Cloth Cutting Machine Zund Alphacam CNC 3.0m x 1.5m
Environmentally controlled room
Inspection NDT - Woodpecker
NDT Scanning
C Scan unit is a wheel
Probe 2 3 x A Scan units
*We have the capability to do
Bond Testing and have used
FPHASEDARR to provide A, B & C Scan Capability
3D Scan 16.6m3
Faro Arm 3m Arm
Wentzel Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) 750mm x 750mm
Sokkia Total Measurement System
Olympus portable ultrasonic
thickness measurement
Optical measuring system
Testing Instron 5969 Materials test Machine 2 x Load Cells, 10Kn & 50Kn capacity
Enviromental Chamber 350 °C max
Triton Technologies TTDMA Dynamic Materials Analysis Machine Tension, Flexural, Short & Long Beam and Compression Testing
Perkin Elmer Pyris DCS 6
Ancilliary Equipment
Machining 5 axis CNC CNC Machine is a CMS Antaris with a 2.5m x 1.6m Bed Size
Digital Lathe 1 5m x 860mm Diameter Harrison 700mm x 400mm
Digital Lathe 2 Digital Milling Machine
Sheet Bender Booster metal bender and cutter
Ovens Ovens (5 off) Maximum size PL016 - 360 degree Box Oven (3.8m x 3.5m)
PL290 - Oven (3.5m x 7.9m)
PL141 - Oven (1.8m x 2.4m)
PL064 - Oven (1m x 0.5m)
PL123 - Oven (10m x 5m)
Simulation CATIA CPD CATIA v5
Surface Treatments Spraybake Paint facility Spray Booth 2 No. Junair Vehicle Spraybooth
Paint facility Spray Booth Ovens (4 off) Ovens with QADS - EVAC
1 No. Junair Vehicle Spraybooth Oven - Chest Extraction
1 No. Junair Preparation Booth
1 No. Paint Mixing Room
1 No. Dust Extraction System
Shot Blasting 1 900mm x 750mm
Shot Blasting 2 1400mm x 1500mm

Manufacturing Processes and Materials

Pre-preg Lay Up Epoxy, Phenoli, Cyanate Ester Laminates
Resin Infusion Structures up to 5m x 6.5m Long. Up to 3000kg structure.
Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) TBD, Ciject machine, VARTM
Filament Winding 4 Axis CNC 7m Long x 850mm Diameter. 4m x 8m Infra-red bed.
Wet Lay-Up Phenolic, Polyester, Epoxy
Glass/Carbon Roving Pultrusion
Laser Ply Placement 3 Laser projectors
Cloth Cutting Machine Zund Alphacam CNC . 3.0m X 1.5m.
Environmentally controlled room
Heatcon Portable Curing
Both Woven and undirectional materials Carbon / E-Glass / S2-Glass
Kevlar/Dyneema/Innegra Fabrics
Hybrid Metallic and Composite materials