Marshall Slingsby Advanced Composites

Delivering Complex Composite Solutions with Pride

Marshall Slingsby Advanced Composites are one of the UK’s premier complex composite structures & assembly service providers operating across land, air and sea defence platforms.

The business dates back to 1931 with a long standing pedigree that currently employs approximately 100 people with skills in critical structure, aerospace and defence designs within low to mid volume manufacture.

From composite design, prototyping, manufacture and in-service support through to test and certification, we do it all, end-to-end, start to finish. There are few companies in our industry that have the breadth of capabilities to compare with Marshall Slingsby Advanced Composites. Each of our processes is industry-standard, but it’s how we integrate them that is industry-leading.

Launched in 2018, Team Tempest is a group of ambitious industry partners - representing the deep breadth of innovation and expertise across the nation - working in collaboration with the MoD on the UK’s Future Combat Air System (FCAS) project. The Future Combat Air Systems (FCAS) Tempest Programme has expanded its network of associations, suppliers and partners and we are proud to have partnered with BAE Systems on the design, manufacture and testing work as part of ongoing technology demonstration projects.

Marshall Slingsby Advanced Composites, Team Tempest Partner

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